Sea Freight

Strait Freight is an experienced & reliable International Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance in Sydney Australia

We are qualified and have the expertise to handle all of our customers’ sea freight requirements. We provide you shipping guide to ensure you have all bases covered, from Container Ships to Customs clearance. 

Strait Freight provides an extensive range of sea freight solutions for both the import and export of cargo, ranging from full container load (FCL) services to break-bulk & RORO services. Whether shipping smaller or larger consignments across the ocean, our priority is to deliver your cargo safely, on time and within budget. 

Along with international sea freight services, we offer a range of coastal shipping operations to and from ports within Australia. The availability of 24-hour monitoring, enable our customers to confirm a cost-effective transport option, while at the same time enjoying the security and peace of mind while we use the tracking system to monitor their cargo. 

When to use Sea Freight

Sea freight is a viable choice as the mode of transport if you want to ship goods which are not needed urgently, bulky in nature and large in quantity. 

Full Container Load (FCL) 

Full Container Load is a shipment mode where a cargo occupies the full size of a container. There are various types and sizes of containers such as 20’DC (20 Foot Dry Container), 40’DC (40 Foot Dry Container), 40’HC (40 Foot Dry High Cub), and 45’HC (45 Foot Dry High Cub). 

Less Container Load (LCL) 

These containers are used when you don’t have enough cargo to place in one container alone. We will put your cargo with other cargo to fill the container and ship to the same destination. The container will be loaded with different shipments from various shippers. We charged based on the size of your cargo in cubic metres. 

Break Bulk Cargo 

Break bulk cargo is a shipping method for items that are large-sized and heavy cargo, items that cannot be loaded into containers. This cargo will just be placed to a vessel and not put into a container. Some examples below: 

Roll-on/Roll-off: vessels made to load wheeled cargo, such as automobiles, trucks, trailers, and railroad cars, which are driven on and off the ship on their wheels.  

Lift-on/Lift-off: vessels that use a crane to load and unload cargo. 

Less than container load

If you have cargo that is one pallet or more, but less than a full container load.

Full Container Load

If you have cargo that is a full container load.

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