Customs Clearance

Our professional customs agents have years of comprehensive knowledge of the current Border Force, Customs Clearance, and Quarantine inspection requirements for all goods coming into Australia. 

We can complete the required forms for Customs Clearance on your behalf and submit them to the Australian Border Force electronically through the Integrated Cargo System. We handled your customs clearance correctly, and we are committed to meeting all expectations and value your needs for an accurate service for customs clearance. 

What will it cost?

The worth of goods and how they arrive in Australia will determine how we clear them and what duty, taxes and charges may apply. 

A few things you need to know when clearing goods through Customs: 

Certain types of products are not permitted access into Australia or may need special permits. Contact us for advice on what goods are prohibited from import to Australia. 

First-time or infrequent importers are strongly encouraged to use our services to clear their cargoes through customs. 

The Australian Border Force may screen, x-ray, or examine the goods to make sure the goods are allowed into Australia. The Department of Agriculture clear and inspect your goods before they can be released. 

Goods worth less than AUD 1000 

You do not have to pay duty and taxes on goods (excluding tobacco, tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages) with a value of AUD 1000 or less. These are called low-value imports. Once these cargoes arrive in Australia by air or sea cargo, they must have a Self-Assessed Clearance (SAC) declaration. Customs clearance will generally be taken care of by the cargo company or freight forwarder. There is no charge from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service for this Declaration. Goods that coming by post will not require a SAC declaration. 

Goods worth more than AUD 1000 

You need to make an Import Declaration for goods with a value over AUD$1000. The Declaration will include information about the goods you are importing. You will be charged for the Import Declaration processing. You will also pay the duty and taxes for your goods. Our staff will assist you with this process. 

First Time or Infrequent Importers  

If you are a first-time or infrequent importer, we strongly encouraged you to use our services to clear your cargo. We can complete the Import Declaration for you and submit it to the Australian Border Force. We will also help you with other tasks you need to do when importing goods. 

Some documents that are required to assist you with customs clearance are a bill of lading or air waybill, a packing list, an invoice, insurance documents, and other documents as required. 

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