Air Freight

Our experienced and skilled team are able to provide innovative solutions, reliable, and cost-effective air freight services to our clients using the most direct and fuss-free route based on its expertise and well-established. 

Our air freight service offers faster service and therefore, shorter delivery times. Given that urgency is the main factor in many cargo shipments, we make sure all our air freight is shipped on first-class airlines to ensure reliability and efficiency, and we guarantee that your goods are able to turn at the right place and time for the lowest cost. 

Our services include customs clearance as well as the processing of all the necessary documentation.  

Whether you are looking for a port-to-port or door-to-door delivery solution, we’ve got you covered. With people on the ground in many countries, we can ensure consistency in our service levels around the world

Sea freight vs Air freight

The urgency of your cargo is the main key to consider when deciding between air freight, and ocean freight. The main differences between air freight and sea freight are transit time and cost. Airfreight is faster, but also more expensive. 

Transit from Australia usually takes two to three days by air and more than 30 days by sea. 

The cost of air freight and sea freight is also calculated differently.  

Shipping lines take into account the origin and destination combined with the total volume of the products (20’DC or 40’DC) and freight class. The calculation for air freight rates are based on the origin airport code, destination airport code, and the products total weight and volume. Airfreight rates are based on a shipment’s per KG rate and the greater of either the shipment’s actual weight or the dimensional weight. 

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