Our experienced and skilled team are able to provide innovative solutions, reliable, and cost-effective air freight services to our clients using the most direct and fuss-free route based on its expertise and well-established. 

Our air freight service offers faster service and therefore, shorter delivery times. Given that urgency is the main factor in many cargo shipments, we make sure all our air freight is shipped on first-class airlines to ensure reliability and efficiency, and we guarantee that your goods are able to turn at the right place and time for the lowest cost. 

Strait Freight is an experienced & reliable International Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance in Sydney Australia


We are qualified and have the expertise to handle all of our customers’ sea freight requirements. We provide you shipping guide to ensure you have all bases covered, from Container Ships to Customs clearance. 

Strait Freight provides an extensive range of sea freight solutions for both the import and export of cargo, ranging from full container load (FCL) services to break-bulk & RORO services. Whether shipping smaller or larger consignments across the ocean, our priority is to deliver your cargo safely, on time and within budget. 


Road and Rail transport play important roles in facilitating Australia’s variety of freight tasks. We offer a range of road freight and road charter services to help you transport goods most quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Rail and road fleets can be combined for an integrated logistics operation called intermodal. Intermodal services are different solutions that combine transport by road, rail or barge providing local pick-up and delivery to and from the rail terminal. Our experienced team will put you at ease by ensuring a full end-to-end solution, combining services as required. 


Our professional customs agents have years of comprehensive knowledge of the current Border Force, Customs Clearance, and Quarantine inspection requirements for all goods coming into Australia. 

We can complete the required forms for Customs Clearance on your behalf and submit them to the Australian Border Force electronically through the Integrated Cargo System. We handled your customs clearance correctly, and we are committed to meeting all expectations and value your needs for an accurate service for customs clearance. 


Specialized cargo with unique characteristics will require specialized care and handling, and sometimes regulation. We provide special industry-specific expertise and have developed a strong network and reputation for our accomplished services in these areas. We understand every unique characteristic and handling requirements your shipment needs, and our skilled team will guide you step-by-step to ensure proper handling for safe and reliable delivery.   


As a professional freight forwarding and customs clearance company, we provide superior freight forwarding solutions that are tailored to meet our client’s specific business requirements under the guidance of our expert consultants. We provide freight consulting service to help clients who are wanting to maximize their business potential. Our skilled team will offer solid strategies on how our clients can effectively increase their efficiencies, reduce risks and minimize costs. As well as help them to determine the best direction for all their logistics needs and ensure compliance with all required laws and regulations, including customs legislation. 

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