International Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance

Strait Freight is a well reputable logistics company in Australia that handles all kinds of freight. We established as a global freight forwarding company to provide total logistics services including export, import, cross-trade, and trans-loading by air, land, and ocean mode. We are committed to creating an excellent logistics solution to customers who require specialized skills and knowledge to focus on customs, freight forwarding, and transport solutions. 

Strait Freight offers full-fledged international freight forwarding services to importers and exporters globally. With an extensive network of partners and agencies worldwide, we can provide world-class and cost-effective services to move your goods, be it air freight, sea freight, or transportation. 

Our well-trained and licensed staff will provide all the documents and other international freight requirements to help you minimize international trade hurdles like commercial invoices, shipper’s export declarations, bills of lading, and other common pitfalls of transporting goods overseas so that your business can profit by getting your freight transported on-time.  

We monitor our customers’ cargo’s movement and location from time to time, ever since it leaves the importers or exporters warehouse to the time it arrives at the importers or exporters warehouse and to know where it is at all times.  

We take care of your freight so you can take care of your business. 

Our experienced and skilled team are able to provide innovative solutions, reliable, and cost-effective air freight services to our clients using the most direct and fuss-free route based on its expertise and well-established. 

We are qualified and have the expertise to handle all of our customers’ sea freight requirements. We provide you shipping guide to ensure you have all bases covered, from Container Ships to Customs clearance. 

Road and Rail transport play important roles in facilitating Australia’s variety of freight tasks. We offer a range of road freight and road charter services to help you transport goods most quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Our professional customs agents have years of comprehensive knowledge of the current Border Force, Customs Clearance, and Quarantine inspection requirements for all goods coming into Australia. 

As a professional freight forwarding and customs clearance company, we provide superior freight forwarding solutions that are tailored to meet our client’s specific business requirements under the guidance of our expert consultants.

Specialized cargo with unique characteristics will require specialized care and handling, and sometimes regulation. We provide special industry-specific expertise and have developed a strong network and reputation for our accomplished services in these areas.

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